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BUNKER Park  BP68M (Moto)   BP68S (Scooter)   BUNKER Park & Roll  BPR68M (Moto)   BPR68S (Scooter)

Park your motorcycle in a BUNKER. Nothing more secure. Its exclusive features make it the most secure and reliable parking lock for your Motorcycle or Scooter.

The BUNKER shields the wheel to prevent disassembling and secure your motorcycle.

The reference BP68M fits all type of Motorycles (naked, racing, custom, trail, turismo, etc...) and the BP68S fits all type of Scooters.


ROLLing version of the parking lock more practical, reliable and secure for motorcycle or maxi-scooter.

Easily and with total security, allows you to park against the wall to maximize your parking space or garage.

Base anchored to the ground. High performance 360º rotation axis to turn easily even the heaviest motorcycles. Strong Rolling platform with brake wheels to park safely.

The reference BPR68M fits all type of Motorycles (naked, racing, custom, trail, turismo, etc...) and the BPR68S fits all type of Scooters





In the two versions, the INNOVATIVE SWINGARM CLAMPING SYSTEM that allows even the heavy motorcycles or maxi-scooters are secured with full stability only through the tire, without the bike lean or touch the sides.

Maximum security padlock ARTAGO 68 (tested by the most demanding approval centers in France, Holland and England).

EXCLUSIVE "EASY OUT" DEVICE to remove the bike safely.

ANCHORED TO THE GROUND with security device to prevent, anyone but the owner, remove it, even when the bike is not on.

No extra instalation charges required, the BUNKER is easy to install by the owner and includes the special tool needed. Only the owner can remove it and re-install it in another place.