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Do I have extra installation expenses ?
  No extra installation expenses required, it can be installed by the owner, it comes with the needed instructions and a special drill adapted to any driller.
Once inside the BUNKER, the bike or scooter body touches the sides?
  No, its unique clamping system make possible that theonly contact is through the tyre so there is not risk for your bike or scooter.
Is it anchored to the ground ?
  Yes, both the BUNKER PARK and BUNKER PARK & ROLL are anchored to the ground.
Does BUNKER fits in all kinds of parking spaces?
  In the BUNKER PARK, you just have to check if your bike fits with a margin of + 7cm in the front part. In the PARK & ROLL version, the total length is 217-220cm  / 85.43 - 86.61in (the plataforme has several positions depending on your motorcycle)
In case I want to install it next to the wall, what minimum distance should be taken into account?
  In the Park & Roll version the minimum distance is the size of your bike. In the BUNKER Park, you must leave at least 60cm/23.62in from the center of the wheel to the wall.
If later on I need to move it can I remove BUNKER?
  Only the owner can disarm it to move it another place thanks to its security device.
If after purchasing the BUNKER Park, I realized that I prefer the Park & ​​Roll can I up-grade it ?
  Yes, adding the rotation base and plataforme.
Can the BUNKER be removed when the bike is not placed in?
  No, the Bunker has two locking positions, one is to prevent it can be removed when the bike is not there.
Does it require any maintenance?
  Like any other mechanism you have to grease the locking of ARTAGO 68 padlock every 6 months with lithium grease spray + PTFE Teflon or PTFE + synthetic lubricant, similar to the one for the bike chain.

Any more questions?

Please contact us at info@bunkersecurity.com,and we will reply as soon as possible.